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The vikings are coming!

…but this time not as a roaring pillaging group on a boat, this time actually not even as a group.

The group:
To completely live up to the stereotypic diffuse natural scientist we have ignored all typical organisatory advice and managed to split our little group of 5 people from our lab into 4 different departures over 2 days (thursday and friday). Hence, Simon (the NMR guy) was getting a train to Philly yesterday afternoon, while I (the molecular biologist) was stopping by my kid sister in brooklyn (she’s attending a tv-actress school somewhere in NY, and I’m also going back to visit after the BPS) and was taking a train this morning to Philly. Few hours later Kenneth (the human biologist) and Morten (the SAXS-guy), will arrive and head for Philly. Later in the evening we will be joined by our last colleague, Christian (the biophysicist).

Had it not been a potential problem for the check-in, half of us would probably also arrive in lab-coats.

“National” anthems
This is my second trip to the U.S., and I’m expecting it to differ remarkedly from the first. In september I attended a medical conference in California with 3 other colleagues, and after the conference we drove along the West coast from San Francisco to LA in a rental. To get in proper travel-mood and stage ourselves as proper tourists, we made a californian playlist for the ride. I know it is tourist-corny as a “I heart xxx”-T-shirt, but the est way to meet another country and/or culture is through their music, food and semiotics. It reveals a lot and you easier avoid to offend or provoke anyone than if you pull subjects as religion and politics.
Our list included several classics, such as;
TuPac: California love, Red Hot Chilipeppers: Californiacation, LL Cool J’s: going back to Cali…
…and many others.
So, repeating the gimmick for this trip, i have been listening through place-specific songs the last couple of days.
New York was easy;
From easy rock as Thomas Dybdahl’s “one Day you’ll Dance for me New York City”, through frank’s classic “New York New York” to more modern pop with Alicia Keys/Jay-Z’s “Empire State of mind”
….and the list seems to be progressing towards infinity…..
But! where’s Philly on the musical map?!


To my limited knowledge there is only one famous song about Philly; “the Streets of Philidelphia” by “The Boss” himself, and then a part of will smiths’ fresh prince of bel air. But, both good songs, the first is melancholic and in the second life doesn’t get better before her gets to belair. This doesn’t exactly evoke the proper spirit for enthusiastic science talks and cultural exploration, so we are still looking for an up-beat cheerful song which can follow us through the BPS. Philly-style!
Suggestions will be recieved with gratitude, and why not, a beer, Danish viking-style, on SuperBowl Night.
Because, in spite of bad planning and lack of a Philly-tune, we are now gathering the group and really starting to look towards the BPS with great expectations.
See you there…



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